Targa Hawkes Bay usually 1 Month Away!

Targa Hawkes Bay usually 1 Month Away!

one month until Targa Hawkes Bay on a 20-21st May there is
still time to join us for a spectatular weekend away, so if
you haven’t entered yet, afterwards get your group together and put
an entrance in. ENTER HERE

We have comparison awesome
roads, some that have been regulars in a Targa NZ event
over new years and others that we have not seen for quite
some time, though all are estimable and really enjoyable.

Hawkes Bay has a lot to offer outward of a Motorsport
activities so we have again formed a eventuality around the
Havelock North Village and a internal Business village is
really putting on a uncover with lots of beguiling things to do
for those family members who competence wish to join we for the

With approximately 380kms of sealed highway stage
distance and usually 575kms of furloughed this will be an action
paked eventuality that is value each cent so make a bid to
ba partial of this inagugral event, one we are certain will be on
our calendar for many years to come.

Please note that
there have been some changes to a competiton structure
which moves us closer to general standards. This means
there is now Four competitions, Metalman Classic 2WD, Global
Security Production 2WD, Andrew Simms Production 2WD and
Allcomers (2WD 4WD), so there is a foe for
everyone. For those of we participating in a Targa Tour
we have combined a few some-more awards to recognize a increasing
number of members. This truely means that there now is a
fair competiton for all forms of car so we emplore you
to inspire your friends to come and have a go.

So enough
of a sell job, Are we ready?

The internal Hawkes Bay Car
Club will be fasten us on Saturday for a one day eventuality as a
thank we for their assistance and we will be considering
this as an choice for other events if it works.

We would
also like to acquire Tomoana Warehousing on house as a Targa
Hawkes Bay informal sponsor. Most of we will know the
Taylor Family, with Trevor and Stewart being involvd in
Rallying for many years.

We demeanour brazen to saying you
all in a few weeks, again if we need any assistance please
contact the

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